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Plenary Lectures

Prof. Armin Kurtz

Regensburg Univ. Germany

Renal renin producing cells: motors of the renin angiotensin system

Symposium I Neurophysiology of behavioral disorder
1. 김정훈 (POSTECH)
Phospholipase Cγ1 abnormality for neuropsychiatric disorders
2. 민선식 (을지대학교 의과대학)
Dysfunction of GABAergic transmission in the emotional disorder
3. 구자욱 (한국뇌연구원)
Epigenetic basis of Bdnf gene suppression by drugs of abuse in the ventral tegmental area
4. 김은준 (KAIST)
NMDAR dysfunction and autism spectrum disorder
Symposium II Central regulation of food intake and metabolism
1. 김기우 (연세대학교 원주의과대학 약리학교실)
Hypothalamic SF-1 regulates energy homeostasis and psychiatric behaviors
2. 김재근 (인천대학교 생명과학부)
Nutrient availability in astrocytes is linked to whole body energy metabolism
3. 손종우 (카이스트 생명과학과)
Divergence of food intake regulation by brain serotonin circuit
4. 이동근 (경상대학교 의과대학 생리학교실)
Interplay between glucose and leptin signalling determines the strength of GABAergic synapses at POMC neurons
Symposium III Calcium Signaling
1. 박찬영 (UNIST)
A new aspect of SOCE in invertebrates
2. 김주영 (연세대학교 의과대학 약리학교실)
Does Ca2+ influx through CD20 determine the efficacy of anti-CD20 antibodies in B cell depletion?
3. 서병창 (Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, DGIST)
Dynamic phospholipid interaction of β2e subunit regulates the gating of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels
4. 박명규 (성균관의대 생리학교실)
Ca2+ signaling and pacemaking in midbrain dopamine neurons
Symposium IV Muscle and heart
1. 김도한 (광주과학기술원 생명과학부)
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) attenuates pressure-overload induced cardiac remodeling by ameliorating endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS)
2. 박우진 (광주과학기술원 생명과학부)
A matricellular protein CCN5 reverses established cardiac fibrosis
3. 엄광현 (전남대학교 의과대학 약리학교실)
P2A/HSP70 dynamically regulate hypertrophic response through modulating HDAC2 phosphorylation and its activity
4. 우진석 (Dept. of Physiology, David Geffen School of Med., UCLA)
Function of junctional proteins in Ca2+ dynamics
Symposium V Optogenetics for Physiology
1. 허원도 (KAIST)
Next generation optogenetics: tool development and applications
2. 서준교 (KIST)
Application of optogenetics for treatments of urological disorders
3. 김대수 (KAIST)
Optogenetic control of stress and mood disorders
4. 김태 (GIST)
Optogenetic dissection of neurons in the basal forebrain
Symposium VI Pacemaker Mechanisms and Motility
1. Yoshihiko Kito (Saga University, Japan)
Properties of waxing and waning in the mouse small intestine
2. 염재범 (인제대학교)
Automaticity of interstitial cells of Cajal: A computational study
3. 최석 (조선대학교)
Hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels are working as a pacemaker channels in colonic interstitial cells of Cajal
4. 김병주 (부산대학교)
The role of Korean medicines in gastrointestinal motility
Symposium VII Neurophysiology in Institute of Basic Sciences (IBS)
1. 박주민 (Center for Cognition and Sociality, IBS)
Parvalbumin expressing neurons, a link between homeostatic synaptic plasticity and cognitive dysfunction
2. 진윤주 (Center for Cognition and Sociality, IBS)
Regrowth of Serotonin Axons in the Adult Mouse Brain Following Injury
3. 이도윤 (Center for Cognition and Sociality, IBS)
Whole-cell recordings in freely moving rodents
4. 한정현 (Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research, IBS)
Astrocytes increase the activity of synaptic GluN2B NMDA receptors