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  • The 68th Annual Meeting of The Korean Physiological Society will take place in Chosun University, Gwang-ju, November 2nd – 4th, 2016. The venue is HaeOrem-Hall (해오름관), Chosun University.
  • The meeting will feature world-renowned plenary speakers and a diverse set of symposia, with a particular focus on topics within Neurophysiology of behavioral disorder, Central regulation of metabolism, Calcium signal, Muscle and heart, Optogenetics for Physiology, Pacemaker mechanisms in GI motility.
  • The meeting will also include Young Physiologists’ Day (11/2) for providing more chances of oral presentation and scientific communication between Senior students and Post-Docs.
  • The social program includes a welcome reception (11/2) and official dinner (11/3) in the students’ hall nearby the venue place.
  • Prizes will also be awarded at the meeting:
    • Yudang Award (유당학술상)
    • Young Physiologist Award (신진생리학자상)
    • Best KJPP Paper Award (KJPP 우수논문상)
    • Best Poster Awards (우수포스터상)
  • A prize for the most frequent citations on the papers in Korean J Physiol Pharmacol (KJPP) will be announced.